понедельник, 4 июня 2012 г.


Transformed insect cyborgs will be in a dangerous situation to send them to explore in advance, before you go there people.

First steps in this direction have already been made ​​- for example, recently a group of American Professor Khalil Najafi (Khalil Najafi) have found a way to turn an insect into a source of energy: bringing ... The proposed approach allows us to feed the tiny cameras, microphones, all sorts of tiny sensors, and communications system that can be installed on the beetle.

The idea is to utilize natural energy in the form of insect movements of his limbs, and allocated them to Heat. The kinetic energy can be converted into electricity by the piezoelectric element and the heat - with the help of thermoelectric. In addition to the hard beetle elytra can install the finest solar panels.

Well, if we add the ability to control its flight - which is possible not only in theory (...

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