четверг, 1 ноября 2012 г.

Email Extractor. How to extract emails from forums, blogs, websites?

Let me tell you a little bit about cool software named as email extractor. It extracts email addresses from websites. Extract emails from sites Enter the site name you want to scan and extract email addresses.

One of the best ways to sell your product/service is to reach customers. In some cases you don't have desire to scan the whole site for emails . Just enter pages urls and email extractor will do the work for you. Sometimes you don't know websites you need to extract emails from but you know some keywords describing your customers. What you need to do is to enter relevant keywords in the in application and click search inside email extractor.

Do you know how to harvest customer' contact information such as email addresses from websites ? You can search them manually by using any search engine or let this work do to email extractor. Email extractor tool comes into play if you want to contact people and let them know about your new service or product. You may find and extract all contacts like email addresses from documents, text, files.

Do you have any idea where your potential customers fritter time away on internet ? I believe they are spend time on websites such as forums and blogs. They all have emails. It happens that people leave contact info such as phones, emails on websites. Email extractor may grab email addresses on websites like forum, blog, Facebook, Twitter or in any other place where customers are hanging on.

Sometimes you don't know where your audience hang on but you know the keywords related to your business. Use them in email extractor and it will find all of them in search engine like google. What if you have a great product and it is not well-known yet. How to get your audience/customers know about your product/service? You must start advertising it. Email extractor may harvest emails from mail boxes, documents.

среда, 6 июня 2012 г.

Let us consider about the '1 C '.

On Friday at the Day of Accounting '1 C ', as usual, also told reporters on the outcome of their work. As always, the mass of information which is not very easy osmyslist.

Yesterday was trying to summarize the main thing in book form, but somehow it is not very successful, somewhat confused by the ' testimony podsledstvennogogo '.

But there was one thought. Here's what: '1 C ' is largely exhausted its resource of rapid growth as a provider of. Distribution of software ( namely, that 1C began his business in the early 1990s), it seems (according to my rough calculations ), even in 2011 not reached the level of 2007. Dynamics of '1 C: Enterprise ' remains decent, but there is a feeling that starts out of steam....

But to go beyond the '1 C: Enterprise ... However, as to go beyond the CIS market. Given that the Russian market of software development is evolving faster pace in the export direction.

I recently learned with sincere surprise recently that ' Kaspersky Lab ' at Eton in 2009 and 2010 showed sales growth of 40% (I think 38 and 48) each year - in the midst of crisis! . USD. While remaining 100% of the company razrabotcheskoy. It turns out that the overall dynamics of '1 C ' clearly falls short of ' best examples '.

At the same time with '1 ' share of their own ' development ' is now only about 50 %. T. e. the company quickly moves away from vendorskoy business model Microsoft ( software sales ) and no longer goes to the service model of Oracle and more....

The growth of ' group 1C ' is largely due to nerazrabotcheskih directions (including promotional services), and this means that the firm is increasingly beyond the ' partnership ' field.

In this situation becomes clearer (though it was clear in the past ), why '1 C ' so quickly took this year for the cloud model, which implies in particular the transition to the direct delivery of software customers in addition to the channel partner....

These are preliminary thoughts out loud....

We must still finish the ' official ' story -report....

понедельник, 4 июня 2012 г.


Transformed insect cyborgs will be in a dangerous situation to send them to explore in advance, before you go there people.

First steps in this direction have already been made ​​- for example, recently a group of American Professor Khalil Najafi (Khalil Najafi) have found a way to turn an insect into a source of energy: bringing ... The proposed approach allows us to feed the tiny cameras, microphones, all sorts of tiny sensors, and communications system that can be installed on the beetle.

The idea is to utilize natural energy in the form of insect movements of his limbs, and allocated them to Heat. The kinetic energy can be converted into electricity by the piezoelectric element and the heat - with the help of thermoelectric. In addition to the hard beetle elytra can install the finest solar panels.

Well, if we add the ability to control its flight - which is possible not only in theory (...

среда, 30 мая 2012 г.

Infiniti introduced the JX

Demonstrated in late August at the show Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance concept crossover Infiniti JX at the motor show in California, appeared before the public as a commercial vehicle.

Design a family car repeats the style of the eponymous show car, the most memorable features of the exterior of which are intricately curved rear pillars, massive convex grille, narrow front and rear lights, sloping roofline and an abundance of chrome-plated decorative details.

Infiniti JX seven-seater will go to the assembly line with three. 5- liter gasoline V6 engine capacity of 265 liters. with. at 6400 rev / min and torque of 335 Nm at 4400 r / min. The model will be produced in monoprivodnom version, and with all-wheel drive Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. Thrust is transmitted from the engine to the wheels through a CVT continuously variable. The car in front-wheel version, the engineers calculate the luxury division Nissan, in the urban cycle per 100 kilometers on average will consume 13.8 liters of fuel on the highway - 10.2 liters.

In the official dealers in the U.S. Infiniti JX will be next spring. Monoprivodny crossover potential cost to the buyer at $ 40,450 for four-wheel drive to the client will have to pay $ 1100.